12/6/2011 12:15 PM

TeleConferencing has become a popular option for businesses small and large. Advances in teleconference technology have made it possible for teams at different locations to effectively communicate, conduct meetings, and attend trainings without traveling. Choosing the right teleconference service provider can help boost business growth and savings in operational expenses, but how does a business find the right teleconferencing provider for its budget? Below are some features of affordable teleconferencing services.

No Reservations for TeleConferencing

Some conferencing service providers require that a business call at least a day before to schedule a call and reserve a phone line. Teams who want to be able to place conference calls 24/7 without having to make any prior arrangements, such as for emergency meetings, will benefit more from a reservation-free conference call service. When a business signs up with teleconference service providers like Teleconferencing.net, the business is not required to make any reservations. One simply logs into the account with credit card details. An individual is then sent a toll-free number and PIN codes to distribute to participants in order to begin the conference call. There is no need for expensive operator assistance. Reservation-free calling also saves a business valuable time because there are fewer steps involved.

Low-cost Calling Plans

The cost of conferencing plans varies among different service providers. If a business places at least one conference call every week, choose a company with cheap flat rates. If a company needs to place a conference call once a month, then choose a company with the lowest single call rates. Compare the plan rates for global and domestic calls of different service providers to receive the best value.

The Maximum Number of People on a Call

When a business begins to use a teleconferencing service, there may be five to ten people on a call. As a business grows, it may be desirable to include fifty or more people on a teleconference call. Choose a teleconferencing system that allows a business to grow.

As there are dozens of teleconference services available online and offline, look for the features discussed above to find the service provider that allows a business to save money and receive the most from teleconferencing services.

Teleconferencing.net is a US-based teleconferencing company for small to large businesses. They offer numerous cost-effective solutions for companies worldwide, including reservation-free teleconference calls and low-cost global conferencing.

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