12/6/2011 1:07 PM

The FCC estimated that in 2003 about 400 million minutes of local calls were made in the United States. About 81 million of those were toll calls, which equals about one million minutes of conference calls, everyday. Fast forward almost ten years down the line to 2012 and those numbers will be much, much higher than before. In the past, receiving a clear, stable and secure connection for a phone meeting used to be a problem. With Conference Worldwide, that is never an issue. This company requires no reservations for phone meetings and they are available around the world 24/7, 365 days a year.

When speaking to a client or a colleague in a different time zone, conference calls is often more difficult than needed. Lags, echoes, and static can turn a simple and routine phone meeting into a headache. However, this is not the case if a business uses the conference calls services of Teleconferencing.net. These services are built around phone quality, ease of use and a secure network.

Connecting global participants to conference calls is as simple as dialing a number. There are waiting rooms for participants early to phone meetings as well, doing away with calling back or experiencing busy signals. There are several different ways of connecting as well: Toll dial in access, toll free dial in access, and reservation-less calls to and from anywhere. Best of all, teleconferencing.net requires no contracts or long term commitments. Calls are billed every minute so a business is paying only for that call and no operator costs, hidden charges or gimmicks.

Phone meetings do not have to be difficult. Conference calls do not need to require all participants to call at the same time. With fully automated conference calls on demand and an ultra-low set of calling rates, this is the service for a business that desires inexpensive, secure and convenient phone meetings.

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