12/6/2011 1:09 PM

It is essential for people to be in touch with others around the world these days, especially in business. Businesses make money by locating global opportunities, whether that is a client from another country or a new supply chain on a different continent. Having access to an affordable phone meeting allows a business to more easily communicate with these peoples or places. Phone meetings are easier than traveling eight hours to attend a physical meeting and more affordable. As far as phone meetings go, Conference Worldwide is one of the best service providers.

With 800 calls as low as 1.9 cents per minute to the United States and Canada, having phone meetings with Teleconferencing.net have never been so affordable. They offer very competitive rates for different destinations. For more information, visit here, here and here. This company focuses on high quality audio and interactive features that are functional, like adding new participants in the middle of a conversation, locking conversations, and automated conferences, on demand. Connecting to a phone meeting is as simple as dialing the local number to connect to the system and then entering the conference code.

Other conference services offer more, but deliver less. There are built-in gimmicks, long term contracts, hidden fees, and surcharges that make phone meetings difficult. With Teleconferencing.net, a business is not required to sign a contract or enter into a long-term agreement. An account is only active as long as a business chooses to add more minutes. With a one minute billing cycle, a business can keep track of phone meetings accurately and to the minute. One can even record calls and access them up to 30 days after the timestamp or back them up on a computer.

Phone meetings are the only cost-effective solution to long distance business communications. For the businessman of today, the best solution is to have a phone meeting through a secure, convenient, and reliable communications specialist – like teleconferencing.net.

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