1/24/2012 7:33 PM

The ever-changing economic climate has given rise to entrepreneurship, as evidenced by the large number of startup companies. Many people who used to be employed have opted to go out on their own and start a business. This has been fueled by the accessibility of global trade brought about by the Internet. As businesses continue to make transactions with organizations in other states and other countries, the need for technology that allows entrepreneurs to close deals from a nearby city or halfway across the world also escalates.

To address this need we have taken the simple telephone call a step further. We can connect you to suppliers, customers or employees in other locations so you can easily conduct conference calls from the convenience of your office. Quickly being accepted in business circles, a phone meeting is now the new way to hold conferences. Conference Calls is no longer considered impersonal; rather, a call meeting is now seen as practical and necessary. This allows you to save time and money by reducing travel costs previously needed by meetings. All participants need to do is dial our toll free 800 number then key in the code. We offer fast and clear connections.

Need to conduct a sales presentation? No problem. With our telecommunications facilities, we can provide you your own virtual venue. Just provide your call meeting audience with access to the presentation materials, whether through your website or elsewhere, and they can go over it while you talk. This allows them to see the materials up close. We have features that allow you to put participants on mute so all questions can be entertained at the end of the presentation. Conference calls has become the new way to conduct business. Don’t get left behind.

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