1/24/2012 7:40 PM

The internet has single-handedly managed to change the way business is conducted on a daily basis. It has made international trade thrive. The accessibility made possible through the web allows businesses, whether big or small, to source products from other countries with much ease. It also gives organizations the platform they need to bring their products and services to a global level.

Companies have found new markets overseas, prompting them to send representatives on out-of-town trips just to make sales presentations. However, at a time when competition is stiff and businesses find themselves looking for ways to cut costs, you may begin to wonder whether you should allocate a large budget for travel expenses. After all, how can the client know about your product in detail if it isn’t explained properly to them? How can you address their concerns if you don’t have a venue for them to ask?

This is one reason why these meetings have gained popularity and acceptance among businesses. Without having to spend money on travel for a face-to-face discussion, a meeting on the phone can be used to convey the same information to the other party – whether it is a client, a supplier or an employee in another location. Conference calls allow you to hold conferences anytime you’d like. If you need to make a presentation, just email the visual aids to the other participants of the meeting and they can go over it while you present. Even if a meeting has already begun, you can include additional participants as the need arises.

Conduct your meetings for the low rate of 1.5 cents per minuteor for free to select destinations with our teleconferencing services. With our conference call capabilities, you can hold conference calls on the phone with up to fifty people. There are no contracts and no monthly charges. To top it off, we will give you 200 free minutes when you sign up!

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