1/24/2012 7:24 PM

Traveling is one thing that many business executives and employees do on a weekly basis. This does not necessarily have to be an out-of-town trip. Getting to a sales presentation in an office a few blocks down the road constitutes a form of travel. This is an activity that takes up a great portion of our day; interestingly though, many still fail to attach a value to travel time.

The need to travel has been a part of the business world for a long time. We have grown accustomed to holding meetings face-to-face. This gave rise to the need for good infrastructure; not just excellent roads, but airports and seaports as well. This need was further fueled by the onset of globalization and the internet.

It is now rare to find a business that does not have an office in a different city or country or one that does not deal with an out-of-town supplier or customer. This is where our conference meeting services can help you.

Conference calls, or more properly referred to as teleconferencing in the business world, has now become well accepted due to its many advantages. Helping increase productivity and cost efficiency while maintaining the quality of service, a phone meeting has become an essential part of many companies’ day-to-day operations. You can start conference calls by simply dialing our 800 toll free number. We can assure you security via the conference code that attendees of the conference calls must give. You can also record the call meeting in its entirety. Our rates are very affordable. We have no monthly fees, no hidden charges, and we can connect you to over 25 countries around the world. Calls are not limited to landlines, but can be made to mobile numbers as well. Use technology to your advantage with conference calls.

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