1/24/2012 7:29 PM

Recent developments in technology have brought about significant and interesting changes in the employment landscape. For one, it has allowed companies to offer telecommuting, or working from locations outside the office, as an option to their employees. Studies show that millions of people in the United States enjoy the flexibility that telecommuting offers by being able to work from places such as their homes or coffee shops.

While the number of people choosing to work from home, whether on a full-time or a part-time basis is growing, there comes a need to be able to get employees gathered in one place for a meeting. Teleconferences, or conference calls, have risen in popularity in order to meet this need. With these meetings, you do not need everyone physically present in one venue. People can be in attendance even when they are at home or on vacation. We can provide you with a virtual meeting place on the date and time that you wish. No reservations required! A meeting on the phone can be scheduled weeks from now or right away.

If you have never tried conducting a meeting on the phone before, you might be losing out on the benefits that it provides your business. Employees no longer have to spend hours every week just traveling to meetings. They can instead use that time to be more productive. They can join the meeting from their desk or their couch. Our rates start as low as 1.5 cents per minute and you can conduct phone meetings with up to fifty people in attendance. We also provide you a high quality connection. Users of our services have the option to record the entire meeting so the meeting notes are accessible and filed for future reference. Businesses can now conduct conference calls anytime, anywhere.

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