1/24/2012 6:28 PM

The numerous advancements in technology continue to offer businesses more leverage options to become a viable competitor in today’s global marketplace. One vital technological tool is conference call services. These services are a cost-effective way to save on operational expenses like reducing monthly phone bills and eliminating travel expenses. Due in large part to advancements in technology, teleconferencing offers a large array of benefits compared to those available only a few years ago.

The ability to record a conference call is essential for several reasons. The first advantage is that participants unavailable to attend may listen to the audio recording at a later date. Often the sessions are transcribed and archived for future references. Recordings are also beneficial in extracting information from the sessions to assist with trainings, presentations, seminars and other teleconferences. Yet another reason that it is so important to record a call meeting is that attendees needing clarification on an issue discussed have convenient access to answers.

For more tech savvy clients, the audio file of a teleconference call may be uploaded onto the company’s website or blog. RSS feeds are another outlet for sharing audio conference recordings. Transcriptions may also be saved as document files and can be uploaded to accompany audio files for quicker reference.

Most teleconference call services offer call recording features at an affordable price. While some providers advertise recording features available for free, often the sound quality is compromised for the cost. However, clients can expect to receive excellent sound quality among other enhanced features from reputable providers that charge a minimal fee starting at 5¢ per minute.

Call recording is only one product developed from advancements in teleconferencing services technology. Business owners and executives choosing to host an 800 conference call quickly discover the plethora of features and benefits theses services provide their companies.

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