1/24/2012 6:34 PM

Years ago, if executives or managers wanted to discuss business matters with associates or staff, their only option was to use three-way calling via a speakerphone. Though the process worked at the time, it was very expensive and limited the number of participants that could dial in. However, with modern advancements in technology, the Teleconference capabilities of today make calls more affordable and convenient.

Audio conference call services are now available for only a few cents per minute, compared to several years ago when hefty long distance charges were applied, especially for international calls. With the vast selection of current teleconferencing providers available, the services are becoming less expensive and offer more practical features.

No longer are participants required to congregate around a speakerphone to hear poor quality audio. Instead, current teleconferencing allows attendees to conveniently dial in from the convenience of their home or connect using a cell phone. There is no need to purchase special equipment in order to host or participate in a teleconference call. Furthermore, teleconferencing calls can typically support a maximum of 50 participants. Depending on the teleonference provider and services rendered, some have the capacity to support more based on clients’ needs.

Connecting to an audio teleconference call is a much simpler task than before. The moderator, or person conducting the call, sends participants the information required to connect before the scheduled event. Such information includes the access number and a unique access code. Participants dial the access number provided to be connected to the call. Once connected attendees are prompted to enter the access code. After the access code is accepted, participants are connected to the call. Unwanted participants are unable to connect to the call if they do not have the proper codes.

In conclusion, it is vital for businesses of the 21st century to choose a conference provider that offers up-to-date technology when delivering teleconferencing call services.

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