1/24/2012 6:20 PM

In today’s busy society, it is often impossible to schedule important meetings with business partners, associates or clients for various reasons. Travel expenses are perhaps the greatest obstacles when it comes to arranging face-to-face meetings, especially if several attendees live in another state or country. With the prices of transportation on the rise with no signs of relief, toll free teleconference call services are less expensive and offer numerous benefits when compared to traditional meeting forums.

Cost Savings

An audio teleconference call is an affordable service that both small and large companies utilize on a regular basis. Many executives and managers agree that teleconferencing results in substantial cost savings. There is no need for reimbursement of miles driven, round-trip airplane tickets or multiple reservations for expensive accommodations. When the savings are calculated on an annual basis the benefits of hosting meetings via the phone are obvious.

Improved Productivity and Engagement

Improved work productivity is another advantage of teleconference calls. Valuable work time is not lost or compromised by frequent travel to distant locations to attend meetings. The time that would have otherwise been spent on travel can be refocused on home location or main office organizational efforts and strategic purposes. In addition, an audio conference call promotes employee engagement, allow for real-time communication and prompts improved organizational productivity. Furthermore, the meeting forum allows everyone the opportunity to share ideas or ask questions.

Excellent Sound Quality

Conferencing is a convenient and efficient way to keep everyone in the loop. Thanks, in large part, to advancements in technology, teleconferencing services in the 21st century continue to make improvements without the need to purchase expensive equipment. The sound quality of calls is much clearer and without static interference or other audio technical difficulties. The speed in which calls are connected also continues to improve with the assistance of modern technology. Additionally, global advancements make connecting to calls in countries across the world feasible as compared to the select few just a few years ago.

A toll free conference call offers numerous benefits with cost efficiency topping the list. Business executives have the ability to use conferencing calls at an affordable price without compromising the quality of business-related gatherings. In addition to cost savings, teleconferencing encourages work and organizational productivity.

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