12/6/2011 12:35 PM

Businesses are likely to talk to a few hundred people every month. Sometimes those people are halfway around the globe. Mobile communications and satellites may mean that the world is suddenly a smaller place, but traditional telephone services start to add up as the distance increases.

At TeleConferencing.net, the focus is on quality, cost, and flexibility. 800 free teleconference numbers allow participants anywhere in the world to dial in to an 800 free conference call using one phone number. Access numbers are available here. The savings are significant: a business can save about 90% using these teleconference call rates. Since there are no fees besides the call itself and the billing increment is only one minute, a business is only paying for the service used.

The 800 free teleconference call system is built for convenience. There are no contracts and a business does not need to switch or cancel with their long distance provider to use this service. Most often, this service is truly global as well. There is a waiting room for early arrivals to a teleconference call, reservation-less conference calls to and from anywhere in the world, superior call quality and network security.

Many firms operate in different time zones, but need to integrate their work processes. Frequent travelers often move between time zones, but still need to be there for the conference call. The fully automated conference calls mean that an individual never misses a meeting and they do not have to remember to dial into an 800 free conference call either.

The call rates of TeleConferencing.Net are extremely competitive, with charges as low as 2.7 to 4.7 cents per minute to Canada, London and India. Dial-in costs are even lower at 1.5 cents per minute for USA and international local access numbers. Since many conference calls have upward of three members, a low starting rate really helps a business reduce costs.

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