4/16/2012 6:41 PM

TeleConferencing.Net has revolutionized the toll free teleconference landscape. Whether an 800 free teleconference or placing an international teleconference call, you are afforded cheaper call rates and high accessibility. With the lowest one minute billing increments, you can conduct a conference call without worrying about escalating call rates.

Why this is a convenient solution?

Every aspect of TeleConferencing.Net services is so easy to access, perform, and maintain that you are literally addicted to the technology. When your balance for 800 toll free teleconference calling is exhausted, you just do some simple steps to auto recharge. The convenience of the auto recharge feature for 800 teleconference, long distance, or short distance teleconference calls is one of the favored features of our service.

Get your connection activated, up and running in minutes

You don’t need to wait long to get your teleconference facility activated. You don’t have to pay fees for setting up the service. You are spared installations costs too. The activation is so fast, that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the speediness and prompt service of Teleconferencing.net.

Cancel your connection at will

Just like an at-will employment, you can choose to deactivate or cancel your teleconferencing connection with TeleConferencing.Net. You are charged no fees. That’s the best thing about TeleConferencing.Netteleconferencing services. You are open to choose and to cancel.

Record your calls

Since a call is a crucial component of business information, recording teleconferencing conversations for future reference is important. TeleConferencing.Net has the ability to enable you to record your teleconferencing calls. The process is simple and integrated into the service.

Comfortable rates

TeleConferencing.Net delivers what is promised. The same applies to teleconferencing rates. The rates are pretty much consistent. Most toll free teleconference rates are among the cheapest call rates that you can find anywhere in the world.

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