Features and Benefits

Our easy-to-use, reliable, and inexpensive teleconferencing tools make connecting to business partners and clients a breeze. No need to make reservations or pre-schedule a time, it’s perfect for everyday and even last-minute use. We offer instant phone meetings from anywhere and any phone, right when you need it.

Save Big

Free conference calling means you can afford to stay connected. Reduce your connection costs by more than 90 percent over traditional methods of teleconferencing.

Keep even more in your pocket by dialing our low toll-free rate, saving you money on your long-distance bill over the so-called “free” sites.

Superior Quality

Our secure network infrastructure means excellent call quality for you and those you connect with.

Always Available

Our on-demand, fully automated conference call system means you can make a call without a reservation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Use any phone you like including cell phones, office phones, home phones, and even pay phones.

Keep Your Carrier

Use our superior service without cancelling your long-distance carrier.

Easy Set Up and Use

You’ll be ready to make conference calls in no time. Our speedy activation comes with no set up fees and no installation costs. If you don’t like the service, cancel anytime with no cancellation fees.

No Fees

We’ll never charge any hidden fees or connection fees. We believe in running our company honestly, without gimmicks or fine print.

Guaranteed Rates and One-Minute Billing

Our rates are never restricted to certain times or days. Use our service when and where you need it. Save time and money with as low as one-minute billing increments so you’ll never spend any money you don’t have to.

No Commitments

Best of all, you’ll never have to sign a contract or long-term commitment. Use our service as much or as little as you need for as long as you need.



Call Recording

Need to refer to something said at a meeting? Hate taking notes? Our simple and free call recording system lets you keep track of all your conference calls.

Waiting Room

Early arrivals to your conference call can hang out in our waiting room until all callers arrive.

No Reservations

Set up a call right away from anywhere to anywhere. No operator or reservation required.

International Calling

Your worldwide business partners are only seconds away without our global calling system.

Multiple Connections

TeleConferencing.net has the right option for you. Our toll and toll-free dial-in and dial-out options give you multiple ways to connect.

Phone Commands

Commands such as mute all, dial out, and record can all be activated right from your phone.

Auto Rechargeable

Never worry about running out of minutes when you use our convenient automatic recharge option to refill your account.

Crystal-Clear Records

See all your call details online and never receive a paper bill in the mail. Keep track of call times and call rates by logging into your account.