Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you have a technical problem not covered below, feel free to contact us.

How do I make or start a conference call?

It’s simple and quick. Give call participants their access number and the conference code before your scheduled time. The call moderator needs the security code, but participants do not.

To start the call, dial the free conference toll number, the toll-free 800 number, or the international and local access number for your area.

If you’re the call moderator, you’ll be asked to enter the conference code and a three-digit security code. Participants just enter the conference code. When codes are entered, the conference call connects.

What equipment do I need?

You’ll only need a touch-tone phone. You’ll be connected with your conference participants via a unique pass code for your call.

How do I record a conference call?

Only a moderator may record the call. To start recording, push *87 on your phone and follow the prompts. A short message will play to let you know recording has started.

If a participant enters the conference call after recording has started, a message will let that participant know there is a recording in process before they’re placed in the call.

To end recording, push *88 and follow the prompts.

There is no charge to your account for the conference call recording.

How do I listen to the recording?

Go to your account call details page and select the call you recorded. On the right side of that call detail page, click the microphone icon to download or listen to your recording.

How long is the recording available?

You can listen to a recording any time of day for up to 30 days from the recording timestamp.

Can I back up a recording?

Yes, if you need to refer to a call after the 30-day period, simply back up the recording to your computer.

What happens if someone calls the teleconference line before the moderator?

Anyone who arrives at the conference call before the host or moderator will be placed into a waiting room until the moderator joins. While in the waiting room, that participant’s costs are deducted from the moderator’s account.

The site says I’m running low on teleconferencing minutes and need to recharge my account. How do I do that?

It’s easy to add funds to your account via a major credit card. Click on the recharge account link from your account page. A new window will open to take you through the recharge process. You can choose from making a one-time manual recharge or setting up our convenient auto recharge option. With auto recharge, your account will automatically recharge without interruption. The “in-call” recharge process works the same as a normal recharge, it just allows the host to stay in the conference call while the account recharge occurs.

For super-easy recharging, you can set up your account to automatically add funds whenever your balance dips below a specified amount. By default, the system will add $25 to your account when your balance falls below $10. You can change either of these numbers to an amount that makes sense for your unique business.

How much can I put in my account?

To avoid fraudulent usage, the maximum recharge amount is $500.

How do I connect with someone outside the U.S.?

A caller in the U.S. can either dial out to connect someone outside the country or international participants can call in with one of our international local access numbers or by calling into a U.S. local number from abroad.

How do I mute a call participant?

Dial *56 to mute and un-mute all participants.

Can participants mute their connection?

Yes, have them press *99 to mute their individual connection. If the host has muted the conference, *99 will not override the host’s mute.

How do I call out to a participant who has not called in?

If you’ve already started your teleconference, you can add another person by dialing *55. You’ll be temporarily removed from the ongoing conference call and put into an automated system where you can enter the phone number of the new participant. When you’ve connected to them, you’ll be able to speak to the new participant outside of the current conference call. When you’re ready, dial *1 to add the new participant and return to the conference call. Or press *2 to return to the call without adding the new participant.

Can I limit the number of participants so no more can join the call?

Yes. Dial *54 to lock or unlock a conference call. When it’s locked, no more participants will be able to call in and anyone who tries will hear a message indicating that this conference call is locked. This option is available as soon as the first participant joins the call. Press *54 to unlock a call.